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Star Trek: The Next Generation Portraits.

H’ok so, go back twenty years… Sitting with my dad in our living room of our house in Nanaimo, BC, every Wednesday night we watched Star Trek: The Next Generation.  No one could bother us, it was our time.  Now I was never a big “Trecky” but I enjoyed the show and the movies.  Who would have thought during one of those moments twenty years ago that I would be sitting in a room downtown Toronto with the entire cast!

Now I’ve done a lot of work with hockey players past and present.  I’ve met a lot of people I’ve looked up to growing up, so I’ve gotten a little immune to being “star struck”.  I have to admit though to being a little giddy with excitement this time.  It did take a while for me to calm down a get into the groove of things.

I wasn’t allocated a lot of time to take any shots.  Basically I had to jump all over any opportunity or breaks we had to do something.  Everything has to be perfect.

6 out the 7 cast members that attended ComiCON Toronto 2013 I was able to photograph.  Unfortunately I ran out of time before I could do anything with Gate McFadden. :(  6 outta 7 ain’t to shabby

I have a bucket list of people I would like to meet.  It felt good to cross off a few.

Thanks to everyone who helped out.  Alex Beetham & Lia Bucci and one of my employers Photovisions Digital who were responsible for the fan shots at ComiCON.

Fine art prints are available, contact me below for more details.

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